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2006-04-21 - 16:48

Saskia had her first Birthdayparty ;-) Time flies so fast; My Mum passed for a week from Hannover and there were several Guests. Nathalie and Alexandra with their 7 Months old daugther Casandra. I absulutly wanted to ahve there a baby too. Then Marie-Claude and Michel with their 13 year old Son Nikolaus who we know since he was very little too. he was a bit bored as the babys were too little for him and the adults to grown up. Benedicte and Gregory,befriendet Neighbours passed as well ;-)
We had some cakes and coffee and had later on a walk in the Park nearby.
Thursday was my 40th birthday abd our friend Marc passed. My Mum cooked vegetarian Spagettis with dried Tomatoes,cherry tomatoes,basilic Vennegar,black Olives. Also some italian Salad.Very good ;-)
Saskia is very well ;-)
Gutes team
first walk in the street



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